Jessika sable attended SAT Coaching       (21 Jul, 2021)
“My daughter have taken SAT classes from Perfect Review. She has started with a score of 980 in the diagnostic test and achieved a score of 1350. We are happy with trainers and the flexibility of the timings. There were always available whenever my daughter needed help for doubts. I would definitely recommend Perfect Review for SAT classes. Thanks Perfect Review for the wonderful classes.”


Juhi attended GMAT Coaching         (12 Jul, 2021)

“Karthik is a wonderful tutor. His explanations of all concepts are concise and extremely clear. What is best is his approach towards making one understand concepts fundamentally and providing multiple methods to solve questions. Would recommend 10/10


Ashwini Mandliya attended GMAT Coaching      (11 Jul, 2021)

“I joined the Perfect Review for GMAT training. Perfect Review provides highly customized classes depending upon your convenience and availability. The mentor is incredibly knowledgeable and articulate. Charu Ma’am is very passionate about the verbal classes she takes. She has a friendly and positive attitude towards students. She pushes me to follow the right and accurate approach to deal with the questions. Her teaching methodology is commendable and the notes she provides are very easy to understand and remember. Also, the Perfect Review provides the very recommended material and full-length prep tests which gave me very good exposure to GMAT questions. Perfect Review has helped me learn by the clarity of thought and made sure I learn to apply everything that is taught in classes. I highly recommend anyone preparing to seek help from Perfect Review. “


Upasana Goswami attended GMAT Coaching      (10 Jul, 2021)

“Amazing and very supportive team. Attended verbal coaching with Charu Madam. Amazing guidance with attention to detail and correction techniques. Provided with ample number of mocks along with mock analysis. I started at V18 and reached V33 within 2 months. Continuing with reviewing and discussion to attain my target score. Would definitely recommend people who are lost and need some guidance to achieve their target scores. “


Apoorv Khanna attended GMAT Coaching       (05 Jul, 2021)

“I have had a great experience with perfect review. I have been taking verbal classes for my GMAT preparation. It has helped me improve my understanding and improve scores in my mock exams. The teachers at pr are helpful and have access to a lot of good GMAT material at a reasonable cost.”


Sangam Jena attended GMAT Coaching       (30 Jun, 2021)

“The content is great! In the world where one can keep learning things that do not fall under the purview of GMAT. They help you in studying the right things and question solved are very typical GMAT types. I loved my session with them!”


Aditya P attended GRE Coaching       (01 Jun, 2021)

“I connected with Karthik at the beginning of the year, seeking GRE help. I had been studying for the GRE by myself for about 4 months with work running alongside. I had established two clear areas for improvement – speed and accuracy. Karthik helped me grow in both these areas. He was a patient teacher who focused on helping me in getting the concept right and eventually moved to solving the questions correctly. He was very accommodating and paid attention to my individual needs, helping me establish a relationship with math that focused on application instead of just studying formulae. He was flexible with his approach and always presented alternate ways of solving a question. He also offered additional help in terms of resources, extra doubt lessons and even connected me to verbal teachers to help clear some doubts. All in all, it was a great learning experience. Further, as I prepare for another GRE attempt Karthik continues his support, like any great teacher would.”


Ashish attended GMAT Coaching       (31 May, 2021)

“Perfect Review really helped me a lot and it was a good experience. Good experienced tutors, flexible timings and the way they keep on helping and motivating you is what you look for or you need. I have already recommended them to one of my friend.”


Nagamani attended GMAT Coaching       (29 May, 2021)

“I have taken coaching from Karthik for GMAT, we was an excellent teacher and a mentor. I have not only improved my logical thinking skills but also gained conceptual knowledge. His strategies are awesome. He was available all the time that I needed for doubt clarification session. Verbal trainer was also very good. Specially the technique’s for RC were really helpful. Overall i loved the session with perfect review. I highly recommend perfect review for GMAT and other coaching they provide.”


Seema Dutta attended SAT Coaching       (28 May, 2021)

“I enrolled with them for taking personal classes of SAT course for my daughter. I must say Karthik teaches in a very meticulous way which helped my daughter improvise on her Maths tremendously. Her confidence level has gone many levels up than what was there before. Moreover, he is very punctual, organized and courteous in his approach. Even after the completion of the course, he keeps in touch to inquire if my daughter has any doubts so that he can help. Even their English/Verbal faculty is also very good. I will highly recommend them to all.”


Praver Vats attended GMAT Coaching       (23 May, 2021)

“My experience of GMAT online coaching:-

1. The classes just in terms of timings were very organized and flexible at the same time.

2. The curriculum was very structure and organized. Hence turned out to be very effective.

3. It was very easy to reach out to the tutors.

4. The tutors were always on their toes to push me to study regularly.

5. The syllabus was layed out as per my ability and pace. In a nutshell, the coaching was wholesome.”


Aadil Merchant attended GMAT Coaching       (23 Jun, 2020)

“My experience of being tutored by Karthik / Perfect Review was exceptionally good. Karthik is very passionate about teaching, meticulous and personally committed with all his students. I would recommend anyone looking for GMAT tutoring to enroll with his institution.”


Rahul Pawar attended SAT Coaching      (07 May, 2020)

“Very good. Concepts were cleared effectively and practice papers were solved and reviewed. Boosted my sat score by almost 200 points.”


Pavan Kalyan attended GRE Coaching       (14 Oct, 2019)

“The teaching staff was good,able to clear all my doubts and the solving techniques improved me in quants. The daily tasks helped me to understand the concepts well. In verbals I learned how to approach the question and narrow down to the nearest answer.”

Shiamak attended GMAT Coaching       (13 Oct, 2019)

“I am currently preparing for my GMAT Exam with Perfect Review. The teachers here genuinely want to prepare and give guidance to their students both during and after class. I’d definitely recommend PR for both Quant and Verbal preparation. “


Omkar Patil attended GMAT Coaching       (08 Oct, 2019)

“I took online classes with perfect review. Karthik took my Quant classes at 5:00 am in the morning. The books and material provided by him have boosted my GMAT preparation. The Strategy given for Verbal (SC , CR & RC) is highly effective. The Manhattan & Princeton review test series which Karthik gave me is a must solve for a high GMAT score. I highly recommend Perfect review if you are planning to take GMAT, have less time for preparation and are aiming for a high score.”


Sphoorthi attended GRE Coaching       (23 Sep, 2019)

“Selecting perfect review for my GRE couching was the best decision I’ve made. I really liked the way of explaining things in the way we can actually understand.”


Keerthana attended GRE Coaching        (23 Sep, 2019)

“Firstly the tutors are very much understanding and they explained with a lot of patience, what ever the doubts I asked.”


Niveditha Pothineni attended GRE Coaching       (21 Sep, 2019)

“Good teaching methods and practicing tricks. Very helpful for members like me who are planning to achieve exams for higher education.”


Abhishek Muddana attended GMAT Coaching       (31 Aug, 2019)

“Good institute which I have come through, in my deep search for GMAT coaching it’s been a pleasure I found one of the good institutes.”


Arya Diwase attended GRE Coaching      (31 Aug, 2019)

“Perfect review was great. I had a 9 point increase in my Quant exam after only 1 month of review. Mr. Ghanshyam was very patient and provided the best materials. His explanations of the concepts was very clear. Karthik was very prompt in responding to any concerns. I would 100% recommend perfect review to anyone who wants a significant point increase in a short time.”


Atharv Garg attended GRE Coaching      (30 Aug, 2019)

“I liked the way i was taught. All of my doubts and queries were cleared at all times. I was provided with everything i needed.”

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