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This is the question type where most of the students are losing the marks because either all the options will be in the passage or some extra options simply to waste the time of students. The strategy for this question type is – “Scanning”. Read the question first and at least underline two key words in the question and start searching for them. The good thing with this question type is – questions will be in a sequence in the passage. Once you found the first answer, rest of the questions will come in a sequence in the passage. So, you don’t have to go back searching for them. Try to understand the meaning of the sentence and options. Some of the options will be contradicting will the statement in the passage so it makes easy to eliminate them. If you have already chosen the option, make sure rest of them are wrong. Just for the confirmation. In case if you are running out of time, make a guess.
Some of the questions will give you options such as (A – E) and ask you to choose 3 right options from a lengthy passage. Don’t panic by looking at the size of the passage. Here also the options will come in a sequence in the passage. For instance, the right answers are – A, D and E.
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