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Academic – Interpretation task

In IELTS academic interpretation task, you may come across questions such as Bar graph, Line graph, Table, Flow chart, Pie charts, Natural process, Maps and Process diagrams. Some times in the exam can also be combination of both Line graph and table or Bar graph and a Line or simply two bar graphs, two line graphs or two tables.

True/False/Not Given and Yes/No/Not Given

True/ false/Not given and Yes/no/not given are one among the question types of IELTS reading module. This is the question type definitely will come in the exam. In case, if they miss True/false/not given – certainly they will give Yes/no/not given question.

IELTS speaking – Giving opinions is a boon or bane?

IELTS speaking, all the three parts (Introduction / Interview, Long-turn / cue-card and Analytical / Two – way discuss) have its own significance.  Are we allowed to give our opinions or ideas? Is it Ok? Or we going to lose marks for that? Because the examiner might have a different opinion.

Multiple choice questions (Reading)

This is the question type where most of the students are losing the marks because either all the options will be in the passage or some extra options simply to waste the time of students. The strategy for this question type is – “Scanning”.

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