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1.Knowing the GMAT
One of the most important step before you start your prep is to know about the exam. GMAT is not a regular exam, It is adaptive and clever. Knowing how it works is absolutely necessary to Beat the GMAT. Without knowing how it works, its scoring algorithm and the areas it tests one cannot score high or expect to get a good score in the Exam.
2.Be a Master
Work carefully on verbal section specially on sentence correction it can be the confidence booster you need to crack the GMAT Exam’s Verbal section and one of the easiest section to crack with proper strategy and preparation.
3.Quant-Not as easy as everyone think
GMAT Quant section can be quite tricky, It seems easier and as an Indian student who is quite comfortable with quant, One  may easily  feel overwhelmed and fall prey to the Exam. You have to be very careful while preparing and a good analysis on how this section of GMAT works will be really helpful.
4.Reading Comprehension-The real Deal Breaker
Based on the algorithm GMAT uses to score Reading comprehension can make or break your exam. As 3 or 4 consecutive wrong answers or messing up one complete RC can be the difference between a score of 650 and 720 One can understand the Impact a single Reading comprehension can make on the Exam.
5.Picking the Right Course
One of the most important decision in your GMAT journey is picking up a right support with the preparation. The early one figures out the Course or study method the better. Many students gather lots of materials before they start the preparation and then use bits and pieces of each prep material to end up confused with their strategy on attacking questions. It is better to figure out the materials you are going to use and stick to them throughout the preparation specially or verbal section.
6.Using Elimination instead of Picking
Elimination strategy always works better on GMAT. It is always better to eliminate each and every option before picking one, As GMAT is adaptive making a silly mistake can have a heavy toll on the score. To beat the GMAT this is one of the best strategy.
7.Getting over the boredom
GMAT preparation can be quite boring as the improvement one sees after a practice session is very little. It can be a demoralizing site to the students and can make a huge impact on the student’s interest to prepare for the exam. One should have a lot of patience while dealing with the exam.
8.Taking a Mock test before prep
We advice everyone to take a mock test before starting your preparation to beat the gmat. One can analyze their weak and strong areas and design their preparation strategy accordingly. Specially in the verbal section few people might be naturally good at reading comprehension and they wouldn’t require special attention to that section. Taking a mock before the start of preparation would help in carefully designing you prep plan.
9.Setting up realistic Target
Setting up a Target score and working towards achieving it is really important But one should understand that setting up unrealistic targets can really hamper the confidence during the preparation and one may end losing their interest towards the exam. For an instance It is practically impossible to score a 750 in a couple of months when you’ve a score of around 620 in the mocks.
10.D day strategy
Whatever strategy you’ve made to beat the GMAT, How much ever you’ve worked for cracking the exam wont matter if you can’t apply or put your best foot forward on the exam day. One should experiment well in the mock tests and see what section order works for them better and use it in the exam. Be calm and composed and learn how to take each question at a time. There is nothing one can do by thinking about the previous question while attempting the present one. One should be very careful while attempting questions and always have a look on the timer.
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